"I've made no mistakes" - Maxxine Dupri claims she can turn 31-year-old former champion into a star in WWE

Maxxine Dupri is the new leader of Maximum Male Models
Maxxine Dupri is the new leader of Maximum Male Models

WWE Superstar Maxxine Dupri believes a new addition to the group is a star in the making.

Maximum Male Models was originally led by Max Dupri. He abandoned the group and switched back to his LA Knight character. It was a smart decision by Knight as his popularity began to rise and he recently put up a good effort against Cody Rhodes on WWE RAW.

Otis is a former RAW Tag Team Champion with Chad Gable in Alpha Academy but it appears that the tag team is falling apart. Maxxine Dupri successfully recruited Otis to the Maximum Male Models and the big man elected to spend time with them rather than his tag team partner on this past Friday's edition of SmackDown.

Speaking on WWE's The Bump, Maxxine claimed that "Otìsè" knows he is in the best of hands when he is with her.

"I mean, let's be clear. I've made no mistakes, and my boys know that. I just think that with the aura that I am exuding, Otìsè knows that he’s in the best of hands when he’s with me. He understands that I can bring him the true stardom that Otìsè deserves," said Maxxine Dupri. [00:08 - 00:24]
"Otìsè knows that he is in the best of hands when he's with me"@maxxinedupri says she's going to make @otiswwe the star that he's meant to be. #WWETheBump

WWE star Maxxine Dupri on why she wanted Otis in Maximum Male Models

Maxxine Dupri is very confident that Otìsè is going to bring a lot to the table for the group moving forward.

During MMM's appearance on WWE's The Bump, Maxxine Dupri was asked why she recruited the former Money in the Bank winner to the group. A fan sent in the question on Twitter and included a bunch of crying laughing emojis in the message. The 25-year-old claimed that she knows what she is doing and instructed fans to just watch the show.

"If you want me to take your question seriously, I'm really going to need you to call him Otìsè because that is his name. Second, I mean listen, I've got these "normies" keeping up with me like I am a Kardashian. Okay, so they should take notes. I know exactly what I am doing and I make no mistakes. So sit back and enjoy the show," added Maxxine Dupri. [00:10 - 00:34]
Doubters, sit back and watch...@maxxinedupri and MMM don't make mistakes. @otiswwe is going to be a STAR! 🤩#WWETheBump

Alpha Academy was reportedly "on the fence" about breaking up, but the plans have seemingly gone through. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for both superstars moving forward.

Did you enjoy Alpha Academy as a tag team? Do you want them to reunite down the line? Let us know in the comments section below.

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