"I wrestled his dad" - Major ex-WWE star wants big match against Dominik Mysterio if he returns (Exclusive)

A former WWE champion would like to return for a match against Dominik Mysterio.
A former WWE champion would like to return for a match against Dominik Mysterio.

Alberto Del Rio appeared on the most recent episode of UnSKripted with Dr. Chris Featherstone, and the former WWE star opened up about a potential match against Dominik Mysterio.

Del Rio faced Rey Mysterio on several occasions in the past, and he would enjoy the opportunity to step into the ring with the legendary luchador's son.

The former WWE star has kept a close eye on Dominik's development and praised the 24-year-old talent for being a great performer who has wrestling in his blood.

Here's what Del Rio said about a potential match against Dominik:

"I think it [a match against Dominik] would be an amazing experience because I wrestled his dad, and I know Dominik is a great performer." Del Rio added, "It's in his blood, he just needs more time, but he will get there. That's for sure."

Alberto Del Rio would also like another showdown with John Cena in WWE

The Mexican star has talked about his admiration for John Cena in many recent interviews. He expectedly named the Cenation Leader as the ideal opponent for his WWE comeback when he spoke to Sportskeeda Wrestling.

Alberto Del Rio felt Cena didn't get the credit he deserved and thanked the 16-time world champion for teaching him a lot about pro wrestling. After all, the two stars have fought each other on numerous occasions throughout their WWE careers.

Del Rio picked up the art of crowd control during matches from John Cena, and he called his former rival a master at taking fans on a rollercoaster of emotions.

"You know, John Cena is just so great. You know, I always say the same thing in all my interviews, like they don't give him the credit that Cena deserves. I don't even know why but I have always been a good wrestler, but I became a better wrestler the day I wrestled John Cena. That day and following matches throughout my career against Cena; I learned something from him. He was the one; he was the one teaching how to really, really listen to the crowd and be you, the performer—the one taking the crowd in that rollercoaster of emotions. You want to make them cry; you make them cry. You want to make them laugh, you make them laugh for 20-25 minutes, you are in the ring, you have that power, and he is the best one in the business to do that. So, I would love to work against John Cena again," stated Del Rio.

Alberto Del Rio has not worked for the WWE since his short stint in 2016, but he hopes to secure another contract with Vince McMahon's company.

The four-time WWE world champion has been cleared of his recent domestic abuse charges and looks focused on getting back to his former glory in professional wrestling.

During his appearance on Sportskeeda Wrestling's UnSKripted, Del Rio also revealed details of the praise he received from Bret Hart and Booker T several years ago.

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