Indi Hartwell reflects on the 'InDex' storyline and reveals her favorite part from it [Exclusive]

Indi Hartwell described her wedding as perfect
Indi Hartwell described her wedding as perfect

Former NXT Women's Tag Team Champion Indi Hartwell recently spoke about her romantic storyline with fellow NXT superstar Dexter Lumis.

Speaking to Rick Ucchino of Sportskeeda Wrestling, Hartwell reflected on the storyline and explained why she felt it was relatable for fans.

“I think the thing that makes it so loved and relatable is that the storyline is relatable, you know. It’s like the girl chasing after this guy who’s, you know, the parents don’t really approve of, and everyone’s trying to pull her away from him. And finally, she overcomes all of that, even though she has overprotective parents and people telling her not to go for it because he’s a serial killer.", Indi Hartwell said.

She added that she was proud of what they did with the story and felt that people could relate to the story more easily than title wins.

“People can relate to that I think more so than the body slams and the championships, which is also cool to watch, but yeah, I think that’s why people got so into the storyline, and I’m really so proud of everything we did with it.”

She had previously compared her proposal segment with Lumis on NXT to the one between CM Punk and AJ Lee.

Indi Hartwell reveals her favorite part of the storyline

Further in the interview, Indi Hartwell revealed that the wedding was her favorite part of the storyline because it had a feel-good ending which wrestling weddings generally don't.

“I think my favorite part of it would definitely have to be the wedding because obviously wrestling weddings don’t usually go down without a hitch but this one, I think was perfect. There were a lot of characters, a lot of comedy and it had a really happy and satisfying ending. So if there’s one thing I’m really proud of out of my career, it’s definitely the wedding.”Indi Hartwell added.

Hartwell is currently scheduled to team up with Persia Pirotta to challenge for the NXT Women's Tag Team Championship in a Triple Threat Scareway to Hell ladder match against Toxic Attraction's Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne and the defending champions Io Shirai and Zoey Stark.

You can watch the entire interview with Indi Hartwell below:


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