"It's the perfect spot" - Goldberg tipped for a manager's role in the future [Exclusive]


John Cena Sr. recently spoke about Goldberg and tipped him as a future manager in WWE.

John Cena Sr. was a guest on this week's edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling's UnSKripted hosted by Dr. Chris Featherstone. During the interview, Cena Sr. was asked about a possible match between his son and Goldberg. Cena Sr. said that this was not a match he was interested in seeing, before floating an interesting idea about Goldberg's WWE future.

John Cena Sr. said that he wanted to see Goldberg as a manager in WWE. Cena Sr. said that with Goldberg's experience and presence, he saw it as the perfect spot for the former WWE Universal Champion.

"I'd love to see Goldberg in a manager's position. The knowledge that man has, the vocals he has. It's the perfect spot for him and the way you use him is, make him that manager, like Heyman, Lou Albano, Bobby Heenan... you know, he can do both. He can be the mouthpiece. And when it's time for action, he can get in the ring and go. He can't go for the 20 or 30 minutes he used to but he can go in there for 5 or 10 and really do the thing and work. I think that would be good for Goldberg. I don't have disdain for Bill Goldberg. I just think there reaches a point in our careers where you have to step back."


Goldberg recently challenged for the WWE Championship

Goldberg's last match in WWE came at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view in January. He challenged then-WWE Champion Drew McIntyre in a losing effort. Although Goldberg was rumored to have a match at WrestleMania, that is not the case.

After beating Goldberg, McIntyre then successfully defended the WWE Championship inside the Elimination Chamber after which The Miz cashed in his Money In The Bank contract successfully. The Miz held on to the title briefly before losing it to Bobby Lashley on an episode of RAW. Lashley will now defend the WWE Championship against Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 37.

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