"It's the worst" - Former WWE Champion blasts recent angle of the Cody Rhodes vs. Brock Lesnar feud

Brock Lesnar vs. Cody Rhodes feud was left open ended on WWE TV
Brock Lesnar vs. Cody Rhodes feud was left open ended on WWE TV

The blood feud between Cody Rhodes and ex-UFC mauler Brock Lesnar is seemingly not over, as WWE is probably saving their blow-off match for a big event like SummerSlam.

While The American Nightmare remains wildly popular coming out of this feud, Kevin Nash believes that WWE is exposing their biggest babyface with the former's current program.

Speaking on the Kliq This podcast, Kevin Nash dissected the recent segment on RAW, where Brock Lesnar attacked Cody Rhodes backstage and injured his left arm. The Hall of Famer feels the entire angle does not allow viewers to suspend disbelief, claiming that The Beast could annihilate Rhodes if he wanted to.

"They continue to expose Cody in these situations where, I'm sorry man, he was a good high school wrestler. It's not f*cking, [he's] not an NCAA Champion, and [he's] not a UFC Champion," said Nash. [From 01:48 onwards]

The Hall of Famer further noted their Night of Champions contest, where an injured Cody Rhodes walked into the match wrestling The Beast Incarnate. Lesnar wound up winning the go-around this time after getting Rhodes to pass out to the Kimura Lock:

"Who the f*ck is medically clearing these guys? [For the angle] It's the worst. [Nobody thinks about that] That's what is wrong with it."

While Rhodes issued an Open Challenge on RAW this past Monday night to Lesnar, it remains to be seen if The Beast Incarnate will show up in the coming weeks.

The latter is likely to sit out for WWE's next international event as he is not a fan of traveling, and as mentioned by The American Nightmare during his promo, The Beast has left for a break.

Disco Inferno called their recent WWE match "a parody"

Brock Lesnar vs. Cody Rhodes II happened this past Saturday night, and the bout revolved around The Beast targeting The American Nightmare's injured arm. The first time Lesnar locked in the Kimura, Rhodes survived. However, the babyface was knocked out in the closing moments of the contest.

Disco Inferno felt the entire angle was sans logic, as the ex-WCW star made some comments on K100:

"This was absurd. This was like a parody of a wrestling match, in my opinion. Supposedly Cody was wrestling with a broken arm? And a guy that's a UFC Heavyweight Champion had him in a Kimura and didn't just snap his arm in half? He's got a Kimura on a broken arm! The visual picture should have been him literally snapping the bones, like breaking his arm in half, right? Like a compound fracture."

Cody Rhodes could potentially compete in the Money in the Bank ladder match in the upcoming UK show. How WWE manages to work his injury around it is evidently going to be a major task.

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