Jade Cargill claims she's "already ready" for WWE debut

Jade Cargill poses outside of WWE HQ in Stamford
Jade Cargill poses outside of WWE HQ in Stamford

Jade Cargill shocked the world of pro wrestling when she left AEW to sign with WWE. Fans are eagerly awaiting her in-ring debut, but there is currently no word on when that will happen.

It was announced in late September that the inaugural AEW TBS Champion had signed a multi-year contract with WWE. She began training at the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, on that same day - September 26th. Since then, Cargill has appeared on RAW, SmackDown, NXT, and Fastlane, with fans speculating on what the future holds for the 31-year-old.

While WWE has not announced Cargill's in-ring debut date, she continues to train at the Performance Center. AEW's Female Breakout Star for 2022 recently spoke with The Dallas Morning News and was asked if she's ring-ready. Cargill confirmed that she was.

She was then asked how close she thinks she is to being "for real" inside of a WWE ring. Here's what Jade had to say:

"So, you want me to reveal what we have in the works it seems like. [Laughs] So, listen, I think the fanbase should be patient. I think they need to understand we’re making a diamond. We’re creating something that’s gonna be a legacy. We’re creating something that’s going to create echoes and waves throughout not just the wrestling culture, but pop culture and beyond. They’re setting me up for success, you shouldn’t rush success."

Cargill further pointed to her experience in front of wrestling crowds and expressed her faith in WWE's system:

"I’ve been on TV in front of thousands of people several times, one thing I know how to do is entertain a crowd. And no one — no one — can say different. I can do that. The WWE Universe knows exactly what they’re doing. I trust them. I believe in this system. And when they see me in that ring, understand, there’s no turning back. [WWE]’s believing in everything I’m doing, given me everything that I could fathom. And I’m going to be ready. I’m already ready. But again, it’s on my time, and everybody should be patient. And when I come, just understand I’m taking over," she said.

Big Jade has not wrestled since losing to Kris Statlander on the September 15th edition of AEW Rampage, which was taped two days prior. This was a rematch from Double or Nothing on May 28th, where Statlander captured the AEW TBS Championship from Cargill.

Jade Cargill talks legacy and WWE goals

WWE merged with UFC earlier this year to form TKO Group Holdings, and Jade Cargill was the first new talent signing under the TKO banner. The company has treated her like a big deal since day one.

The AEW Original recently spoke with The Masked Man and discussed some of her future goals. She commented on her legacy and wanting to earn a spot in the Hall of Fame.

"I want to create a legacy – I want to be in the Hall of Fame. I want to wrestle with the best women in the world. There is no grander stage than this stage. The opportunities are endless with this company. It was a no-brainer. It was very welcoming. I didn't have any second thoughts about it at all. It was an easy choice. It wasn't easy – but it was easy," she said.

Triple H recently issued an update on Cargill's status, commenting on what to expect and just how big her in-ring debut will be.

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