JBL says he needs a former WWE manager to return after he gets attacked by hatchet-wielding superstar

JBL is a WWE grand slam champion.
JBL is a WWE Grand Slam Champion.

Hall of Famer John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL) requested former WWE manager Dutch Mantell to rescue him from vicious Dexter Lumis and his recent axe attack.

On the latest episode of Monday Night RAW, JBL rooted for his client Baron Corbin at ringside. The Modern Day Wrestling God squared off against Johnny Gargano in an Elimination Chamber qualifying match for the United States Title.

Since the former King of the Ring had Layfield in his corner, even Gargano had Dexter Lumis. During the match, the former NXT Champion charged his opponent but was pushed into a corner.

In an unusual turn of events, JBL attempted to punch Gargano in the face but was stopped by Dexter Lumis, who grabbed an axe. He axed the WWE Hall of Famer's cowboy hat lying on the announcers' desk.

Dutch Mantell was enraged and disgusted at Dexter Lumis disrespecting the WWE Hall of Famer. He stated that Lumis had disrespected the Hall of Famer by wielding the hatchet.

Layfield responded to Mantell by stating that he needed the former WWE manager's presence on Monday Night RAW to teach Gargano and Lumis a lesson.

"I need you here Dutch!!!" he wrote.

You can check out the former WWE Champion's tweet below:

I need you here Dutch!!!…

JBL angrily responded to Dexter Lumis' tweet

After Monday Night RAW, Lumis took to social media and mocked John Bradshaw Layfield. The 38-year-old WWE Superstar shared a hilarious picture of JBL's facial expression when he saw his hat being axed on the announcers' desk.

Dexter Lumis compared the former WWE Champion's rib-tickling reaction to a dead skull emoji. Layfield bitterly responded to Lumis on Twitter, stating he finds no humor in someone bringing an axe to a wrestling match.

"I find no humor in this! Who brings an axe to a wrestling match???? You feloniously assaulted my hat!" - WWE Hall of Famer wrote.

Check out the tweet below:

I find no humor in this! Who brings an axe to a wrestling match???? You feloniously assaulted my hat!…

It remains to be seen how the WWE Hall of Famer will take revenge on Dexter Lumis for his expensive hat on the upcoming episode of RAW.

Do you think Mantell will come to WWE RAW as requested by Layfield? Sound off in the comments section below.

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