"I just don't get this fuc*ing guy" - Jim Cornette on top WWE RAW star

Jim Cornette is not a fan of a RAW star
Jim Cornette is not a fan of a RAW star

Former WWE personality Jim Cornette has once again been critical of RAW Superstar Matt Riddle and feels that he does odd things in the ring.

Riddle has been a part of WWE's main roster since 2020 and has had a successful run so far. The former UFC star is currently in a feud with Seth Rollins on the Red brand.

On the latest episode of Jim Cornette's Drive-Thru show, Cornette reviewed the match between Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle at Clash at the Castle, where he was critical of the latter. The former WWE manager is still not a fan of Riddle and doesn't know what is impressive about the RAW star.

"You know I've been critical of Matt Riddle in the past, right? Well, I'm gonna be some more. I just don't get this fuc*ing guy," said Cornette. [16:58-17:05]

He went on to explain what he doesn't like about Riddle.

"I just don't know what the f*ck with Riddle. He's all kicks or big moves or suplexes. There's no wrestling to him. You don't see him drop down, one tackle, hip toss, kick off, arm drag, body slam, drop kick, fire up... whatever. It's all this odd sh*t that he's doing and the barefoot thing and the goofy hair and the wildlife flying out of his a*s. I just don't get it." [19:00-19:28]


Cornette also feels that Riddle may be a little difficult to work with in the ring by the way he wrestles.

What could be next for Matt Riddle in WWE?

Seth Rollins defeated Riddle at Clash at the Castle, but the former United States Champion doesn't want Rollins to have the last laugh in their feud.

On last week's episode of RAW, Riddle challenged Rollins to a rematch, but the latter wasn't keen on stepping into the ring with the former NXT star again.

Rollins recently said that he had real-life heat with Riddle, after Riddle's ex-wife made comments about his wife and WWE star, Becky Lynch.

Will Rollins brush aside his past issues to get in the ring with Riddle once again? Only time will tell.

Do you want to see a rematch between Riddle and Rollins? Leave a comment below.

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