Jim Cornette wants 6-Time Intercontinental Champion to be Head of Talent Relations in WWE and not Bruce Prichard

Jim Cornette (left); Bruce Prichard (right)
Jim Cornette (left); Bruce Prichard (right)
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Bruce Prichard has found himself in another crucial role in WWE. After taking over as the Executive Director of the company, he has now become the interim head of talent relations after John Laurinaitis departed following the allegations against him and Vince McMahon. Jim Cornette believes that six-time Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett would do a better job than anybody else in the WWE office.

The Head of Talent relations role has been tainted during the tenures of Mark Carrano and John Laurinaitis. Last year, following the release of Mickie James, the legend revealed that her belongings had been sent back by WWE in a trash bag. It instantly put the company under fire and Triple H and Stephanie McMahon personally apologized for the mishap. Carrano was fired as he was blamed for the incident. Laurinaitis has now been made to step down from his role following the allegations made against him and Bruce Prichard has taken the mantel for the time being.

In his special edition podcast, Jim Cornette stated that he believes Jeff Jarrett would be the best fit for the role over Bruce Prichard. He explained how Jarrett managed to keep big egos in check during his time at Impact Wrestling:

"If anybody ever found out that Jeff [Jarrett] would do a much better job than anybody else currently in that building, then all those other people currently in that building wouldn't have a job, and they can't have that. But yes, he kept that band of merry misfits in TNA often under control, and this is a whole lot more polite generation. And that would have been something that would have given the talent some kind of hope that it won't be the same old bulls**t. It might be somebody else's bulls**t but atleast it's one of the boys instead of the same old BS from people who've never done what we're doing." (19:10-19:57)

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Cornette then took a shot at Lauriniaitis over his wrestling career:

"Johnny Ace [Laurinaitis] did it [wrestling], but he didn't do it well."(19:57-19:59)

You can listen to the full episode below:


Will Bruce Prichard break the Head of Talent relations curse?

Well, @bruceprichard is reportedly Head of Talent relations and his old friend @apter1wrestling is a fan! Brother love is indeed very likable. @SKWrestling_ #WWE…

John Laurinaitis has presided over the Head of Talent relations role, but this could potentially serve as the end of his run in WWE. He has been a key figure to Vince McMahon for years, but so has Bruce Prichard, who has been described as one of McMahon's right-hand men.

It will be interesting to see if Prichard can break the curse and provide stability in the talent relations role. As Jim Cornette mentioned, this is a far more respectful generation of talent, and while the presence of big egos is inevitable, there needs to be a figure to be able to keep them in check.

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