Jim Johnston reveals hidden meaning behind his final WWE theme song 'The End of Days'

Jim Johnston and Baron Corbin.
Jim Johnston and Baron Corbin.
Lennard Surrao

Several WWE legends would not have had the impact they had on the masses without Jim Johnston's legendary entrance theme songs.

The former WWE composer spent 32 years in the company, crafting countless iconic tunes that influenced multiple generations of wrestlers and fans.

WWE unceremoniously fired Johnston in 2017, and the last entrance song he wrote for the company was Baron Corbin, aka King Corbin's 'End of Days'. It should be noted that Corbin now uses a song called 'King's Darkness', a different rendition of Johnston's original composition.

During a recent appearance on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet", Jim Johnston explained the real message behind the theme song and what it meant for him on a personal level.

Johnston started by revealing that many of his creations were left unused after being 'politically squashed' by WWE.

Johnston said that Baron Corbin's 'End of Days' symbolized the culmination of his unmatched WWE career. The song was Johnston's way of 'bowing out' and a fitting farewell to the fans from an oft-forgotten legend.

Johnston said the entrance theme had heaps of frustration and rage, and there were many layers to the song inspired by his final days in WWE.

"I wrote quite a few things, but they weren't being used because I was being politically squashed. It was "End of Days" for Baron Corbin. Which was very apropos; if you look at the lyrics, there's always something personal to the themes. A lot of the times, it's very personal. Baron's was purely an epic. I'm bringing end of days on you; it's very biographical. Also, I'm talking about the end is coming; I'm bowing out. The big goodbye was my end of days. There's a lot of stuff in there, anger and disappointment. But that happened a lot," Johnston said.

I was really angry with Vince: Jim Johnston on writing 'No Chance in Hell' for the WWE Boss

Johnston also recalled how he was pretty annoyed with Vince McMahon when he wrote the WWE Chairman's 'No Chance in Hell' song.

Jim Johnston made 'No Chance in Hell' after taking a cue from his perception of Vince McMahon and the interactions with the boss.

Johnston stated that competing with Vince McMahon was a futile task as McMahon didn't follow the conventional rulebook and always won.

"I wrote "No Chance In Hell" when I was really angry with Vince. It was a literal telling of what I saw; you have no chance against this guy. He doesn't play by the rules," Johnston added.

Jim Johnston also didn't sound too keen on a WWE Hall of Fame induction either, and he even explained his issues with the 'honor' during the recent interview with Chris Van Vliet.

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