Jim Ross reveals the time Vince McMahon tried to "humiliate" him in the WWE ring

Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon
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Vince McMahon has an unusual sense of humor, and he has often pitched weird ideas and gimmicks, some of which have made it onto WWE television. The WWE Chairman likes to pull pranks on his employees, and he tried to do so to a WWE stalwart and Hall of Famer, Jim Ross.

Ross, in a recent Grillin' JR show, revealed that he once busted open a WWE writer inadvertently, after hitting him with the microphone.

How Vince McMahon tried to "humiliate" Jim Ross

The current AEW commentator said that Vince McMahon sent writer Chris DeJoseph to the ring in an off-air segment to "humiliate" JR in front of his home crowd of Oklahoma City. The former WWE commentator said that he hit DeJoseph with the mic, which busted him open.

“And Chris DeJoseph’s a good guy. I potato’d the sh*t out of him one time in Oklahoma City. I really didn’t mean to, kinda sorta. Vince McMahon sent him out there, of course, he thought it’d be good to humiliate J.R. again in his hometown. So he comes out there and gets in my face in a thong. This is off the air folks by the way.

JR said that the corner of the mic cube hit DeJoseph's head which caused him to bleed in the ring.

"Vince says, ‘God damn JR, you gotta take everything so seriously.’ I said, ‘Yeah Vince, I intended to bust his a*s open.’" (H/T WrestleTalk)

Jim Ross praised Chris DeJoseph's writing and called him a "smart, good writer". He said that DeJoseph was doing only what he was told to do by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

Chris DeJoseph was lead writer with WWE in the past, and has had a few stints with the company. He was hired at the start of the year, but was let go by WWE later in the air, and a report emerged that Vince McMahon was not happy with him for comments that he made during a WWE conference call.

DeJoseph later tweeted after being let go by WWE, and took a shot at WWE Chairman Vince McMahon upon his release by the company.

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