Jimmy Uso's actions after WWE SmackDown went off the air draws legendary reference from Hall of Famer

Jimmy Uso was phenomenal on WWE SmackDown.
Jimmy Uso was phenomenal on WWE SmackDown

Randy Orton dropped Jimmy Uso with the three most dangerous words in WWE. An RKO left Jimmy laying on the mat for a long time on the latest episode of SmackDown, and his selling of the move has brought him praise from some big names.

The Viper vowed to take down every member of The Bloodline during his first appearance on RAW after one and a half years. Orton didn't waste much time, as he appeared on the following episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

Randy Orton was confronted by Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa of The Bloodline. The heels got the better of him till LA Knight came out as the equalizer.

Following the brawl, Orton dropped Jimmy with an RKO. It wasn't the only RKO Randy Orton hit during the night, as he also took out SmackDown general manager Nick Aldis with his finisher.

Jimmy Uso decided to sell the move to perfection, as he had not moved for a long time after being taken down. A video of Uso laying flat on the mat after the show's conclusion went viral, as fans saw the WWE crew rolling up the carpet by moving Jimmy out of the way and then placing him back in the ring.

His sell of the maneuver drew praise from wrestling veteran Bully Ray, who referenced WWE legend Dusty Rhodes. He noted that The Bloodline member did a great job on Friday night.

"Dusty 101… Sell, sell, sell… And when you’re done selling… Sell some more. @BustedOpenRadio," Ray wrote.

It should be noted that Jimmy Uso has undergone a major character change in WWE since turning on Jey Uso and returning to The Bloodline. He has been one of the funniest and most entertaining characters on SmackDown for some time.

Jimmy Uso will likely be Randy Orton's first victim on WWE SmackDown

Randy Orton is looking to get some revenge on The Bloodline. Roman Reigns and his men were why The Viper had to miss in-ring action for one and a half years. Hence, it looks like he wants to give the heels a taste of their own medicine.

Orton could be looking to take out every member of The Bloodline before getting his hands on The Tribal Chief. He could do so by going after Jimmy Uso first, as he seems to be the weakest link in the faction.

Orton could take out Jimmy before going after Solo Sikoa, who will likely give The Viper a tough time. He could then eliminate Paul Heyman from the equation before finally getting his hands on Roman Reigns.

WWE could book a big match between the two at the upcoming Royal Rumble Premium Live Event. It would be a great way to kick off the Road to WrestleMania 40.

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