Joey Ryan talks about released WWE Superstars joining Impact Wrestling at Slammiversary, why he wants Karl Anderson to sign with the company

Impact Wrestling's teaser
Impact Wrestling's teaser

WWE released multiple Superstars and backstage personnel due to the budget cuts owing to COVID-19. Some of these names included Zack Ryder, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and Heath Slater among others.

Impact Wrestling recently teased a video indicating that many of these released Superstars will be joining Impact Wrestling at Slammiversary, soon after their non-compete clause with WWE is over.

Joey Ryan wants Karl Anderson in Impact Wrestling

While speaking to Wrestling Inc, Joey Ryan was asked which released WWE Superstar he would like to sign with the company. Unsurprisingly Ryan named his former tag-team partner Karl Anderson as his top pick.

I have a soft spot for Karl Anderson. We performed together a lot and were a tag team in 2006, 2007 and 2008. We won the NWA World Tag Team Championships together so I have a soft spot for him and would always love to do more stuff with him.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, who were also known as The OC along with AJ Styles in WWE are one of the best tag-teams in the world of pro-wrestling today, and signing with Impact Wrestling would surely be a big get for the company.

While most of the released Superstars had been inactive for some time, it came as a surprise that Gallows and Anderson were released since the two were part of the first ever Boneyard match at WrestleMania 36 between AJ Styles and The Undertaker.

Joey Ryan also spoke about why these Superstars might have been let go by the WWE. He said that it was most likely due to oversaturation of the roster instead of these Superstars being at fault.

But really, all of those guys who were released are super talented. This is the wrestling world we live in where these guys didn't get released because they couldn't perform. There's just over saturation as that company has too many people under contract and they had to let go of some. It benefits the wrestling world because now these guys are free agents and they can sign or not sign with any company they want. It's a whole new adventure for wrestling right now."