John Cena receives interesting advice from Happy Corbin on Twitter

Cena and Corbin have a bit of history together
Cena and Corbin have a bit of history together

Happy Corbin had an amusing bit of advice for WWE legend John Cena over the latter's recent inspirational tweet.

John Cena is one of the most revered stars in the pro-wrestling industry. His positive approach to challenges has earned him millions of fans over the years. He boasts a massive Twitter following and shares motivational tweets daily.

Cena recently posted the following:

"The loudest voice in the room might gain the most attention. The hardest working in the room will hold the key to every door."

The tweet received tons of reactions, but one of them stood out. Cena's former WWE rival Happy Corbin responded to his tweet with the following advice:

"If some one is being loud in the room and you have the key…. Lock their a** inside forever!"

Check out Cena's tweet and the screengrab of Corbin's response below:

Happy Corbin responds to John Cena's inspirational tweet
Happy Corbin responds to John Cena's inspirational tweet

John Cena and Happy Corbin were once bitter rivals on WWE SmackDown

On the road to SummerSlam 2017, Happy Corbin interfered in a match between Cena and then-WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. He proceeded to cash in on his Money In The Bank contract, but a distraction from The Cenation Leader led to Mahal pinning him.

This resulted in Corbin kick-starting a feud with Cena, with the duo settling it out at SummerSlam 2017. At The Biggest Party of the Summer, Cena stood victorious over Corbin.


Happy Corbin has come a long way since then and is one of the most despised heels on WWE TV today. He is a former United States Champion and has also won the André the Giant Memorial trophy.

Corbin is one of the very best in the business when it comes to social media as well. He has a long history of roasting his co-workers on Twitter and Instagram. Things haven't always worked out in Corbin's favor, though. Corbin's attempt to take a shot at Roman Reigns didn't end well for him in one instance.

What do you think of Corbin's witty response to Cena's tweet? Sound off in the comments below.

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