WWE legend John Cena seemingly shares cryptic message regarding current RAW Superstar

The Cenation Leader is a five-time United States Champion
The Cenation Leader is a five-time United States Champion

WWE Superstar John Cena is known for sharing cryptic messages and images on Instagram without captions. He recently posted a picture from his old feud when he was the United States Champion.

Over the past couple of months, current United States Champion Theory, who mentioned Cena as the inspiration for his wrestling career, has called out the latter. Both men have been going back and forth on social media. In a recent QnA on social media, Cena stated that the upstart needed an 'Attitude Adjustment.'

The Cenation Leader recently shared a post on Instagram from his feud against Kevin Owens in 2015. On the May 18 edition of RAW that year, Owens confronted Cena leading up to their match at Elimination Chamber. After assaulting the veteran, Owens disrespected the United States Championship by stepping on it.

Theory seems ready to battle his idol based on his recent comments. The 24-year-old is in his first reign as the United States Champion, which was made popular by John Cena during his early years in the company.

John Cena was referenced in Theory's match at Hell in a Cell

Theory retained his title against Mustafa Ali at the Hell in a Cell premium live event. Many subtle hints regarding the 16-time world champion were dropped during the match.

At one point, Ali used Cena's submission move, the STF, on his opponent. Commentator Corey Graves also mentioned 'Ruthless Aggression' amidst the bout. The term was used by a young John Cena, who made his main roster debut on SmackDown against Hall of Famer Kurt Angle in the early 2000s.

Shades of one of the best United States Champions of all time!@AliWWE #HIAC

All hints seemingly point towards a potential feud between Mr. McMahon's protege and the WWE legend. While Cena is currently a part-timer and often makes sporadic appearances in the ring, we may possibly witness a generational clash of champions in the future.

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