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John Cena Sr rips the RETRIBUTION storyline and reveals why it was a bad idea

John Cena Sr isn
John Cena Sr isn't a fan of the RETRIBUTION storyline
Modified 14 Nov 2020, 21:40 IST

John Cena Sr was recently a guest on Boston Wrestling MWF and spoke about RETRIBUTION. Cena Sr was clearly not a fan of the faction and ripped the idea to shreds. He said that he was not a fan of this type of wrestling storyline and said he didn't get the logic behind WWE 'signing' them after the havoc they caused:

It should go south quick. It should be over and done with. You talk about violence on the streets, why not put it on TV and say it's okay. You know what, I'm not a fan of this type of wrestling. I am not a fan of these types of characters. It just doesn't work, never has, never will. Whoever thought of it, I'm not going to go there cause I got a pretty good idea, the stupidity of putting this together... First of all WWE, it's unbelievable that these people... you had a guy out there that was causing problems in NXT, the police were called, he got a restraining order on him and then you get this storyline where we're going to allow people to blow up things, we're going to allow them to throw boulders through the windows, cut up our rings and it's okay, you know what, you're so screwed up we're going to sign you to a contract. Wow!
It makes absolutely no sense and I wish you couldn't see it. It's bad. It's bad TV, bad storylines, I hope it goes south real fast and that's just from me to you.

John Cena Sr on Dominik Dijakovic aka T-BAR being misused as a part of RETRIBUTION

John Cena Sr. went on to talk about Dominik Dijakovic aka T-BAR, a Superstar he has managed in the past. Cena Sr put Dijakovic over as someone who could be a big star but was being misused in a faction like RETRIBUTION:

Dijak is an amazing athlete. This man, I managed him. He was a giant when I took him in. He made himself a star. With my tutelage and his hard work, we had it. We had it.
This man is key. He could be a Superstar by himself. Why would you put him in this faction that looks like a release from a mental institution? Insane. Laugh and joke all you want but I don't find it funny.

John Cena Sr also predicted that when WWE break up the faction, we could see a number of the members "future endeavoured", although he added that hoped that won't be the case because the members of the faction are talented individuals.


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Published 14 Nov 2020, 21:39 IST
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