"Spoke about everything" - Former Universal Champion reveals the advice he got from Triple H

Triple H has recently retired from professional wrestling
Triple H has recently retired from professional wrestling
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WWE Superstar Kevin Owens spoke about his recent meeting with Triple H. The latter played an important part in grooming KO for the promotion.

After decades of working in and out of the ring, The Cerebral Assassin announced his retirement from professional wrestling, considering his health condition.

In an interview with Metro, Owens mentioned that The Game recently had a meeting with WWE talents and spoke about everything he had to face throughout his career. He also advised the stars to enjoy their time in the industry.

“Triple H, we hadn’t seen him in so long. Yesterday, we had a talent meeting. He came back after not seeing everybody for a long time and he spoke about everything that he’s been through. The message he had was, ‘Take the time to enjoy this,’” said Owens.

The former Universal Champion added that he has been trying to enjoy his time in WWE for a while now. Owens has realized that a change in perspective can be pivotal in how one perceives everything.

“Man, that really resonated, but I’d already tried to frame myself that way for the last little while. It really changes everything, once you change your perspective on things."

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Triple H helped Kevin Owens return to NXT in 2019

WWE Superstar Kevin Owens revealed how The Game helped him make a return to NXT.

In an interview, Owens mentioned that it was The Game made to help KO, and the former did so. The former Universal Champ added that he shares a good bond with the WWE legend and would be there for him anytime The Cerebral Assassin wants.

“All I needed was a phone call from Triple H and he has been incredible to me and my career and my life. Anytime he needs anything from me, I’m there,” said Owens.
Kevin Owens: historic. #NXTTakeOver

Owens will confront his childhood icon, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, at WrestleMania 38 in a special edition of the KO Show. Their segment will air on the first night of the grand event on Saturday.

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