Kevin Owens says top WWE Star "tried to be something he’s not"

Kevin Owens cut a fiery promo on a former world champion recently
Kevin Owens cut a fiery promo on a former world champion recently

Former WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens stated what he said in his promo to Drew McIntyre had some reality to it as he felt that the Scotsman was trying to be something he's not.

Owens cut a fiery promo on WWE RAW last month, where he told fans and McIntyre that he is going to revert to his Prizefighter gimmick and go after all the titles in the company. He also called the former champion a "dumba*s".

McIntyre hit back at Owens and told him that he doesn't care who he is and only wants to wrestle him.

On the recent edition of The Bump, Owens explained why he said what he did and felt that the promo on WWE RAW ignited something in McIntyre. He said that Drew is incredible, but it seemed that he lost himself.

"What I told Drew that night, I felt that way about Drew for a long time. I think he’s incredible in the ring, but to me, it seemed like he always tried to be something he’s not. I told him that right to his face and obviously, that did something to him. Look, he wants to credit me for it, I don’t want to take any credit. I didn’t always feel that way," said Owens.

Owens continued:

"I thought Drew McIntyre, a few years ago, was tremendous. Then I don’t know, something happened. I’m not sure what it is exactly but at one point, in the last few years, I felt like he just, I don’t know if he was more worried about coming across as a Superstar, whatever it was, but I felt like he lost himself." [H/T SeScoops]


McIntyre and Owens wrestled that night on RAW, but the match ended in a DQ as The Usos attacked the Scottish star.

Kevin Owens confronted another star last week on WWE RAW

Owens, who seems to be reveling after returning to his Prizefighter gimmick, cut another red-hot promo on RAW, this time on Austin Theory.

He got in the face of Theory and motivated him on how to make his own moments, which received a rapturous response from the crowd.

A recent report has indicated that Owens has been moved to the babyface side of the roster on the Red brand after this past week's promo.

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