[Photo] Logan Paul sets his sights on former WWE Champion at SummerSlam

Logan Paul recently signed a deal with WWE!
Logan Paul recently signed a deal with WWE!

Recent WWE signee Logan Paul has fired a warning shot at The Miz.

The YouTube megastar teamed up with The A-Lister when he stepped inside the squared circle for the first time at WrestleMania 38. However, The Miz turned on his partner after their victory over The Mysterios, hitting Paul with a devastating Skull-Crushing Finale.

Paul recently inked a deal with the Stamford-based promotion and it looks like he has selected his first target. The social media icon was snapped with a piece of paper that stated he is coming for The Miz.

You can check out Paul's tweet below:

The Miz talked about teaming up with Logan Paul on WWE RAW

This week on RAW, The Miz announced that he will be teaming up with Logan Paul once again at SummerSlam. The A-Lister's announcement came as shock for many, as he betrayed the internet star after their match at The Showcase of Immortals.

I mean who wouldn’t want to see this tag team again? 😎 #SummerSlam

Logan was lauded for his performance at WrestleMania 38 by fans and peers alike, as held his own against veterans like Rey Mysterio and The Miz. The YouTube megastar displayed unmatched charisma inside the ring and was fluid with his moves.

His heel antics were also showcased in the bout against The Mysterios as he performed Eddie Guerrero's iconic three amigos move, much to the disdain of fans. He also hit Mysterio with a leapfrog splash, one of the 47-year-old’s most iconic moves.

However, The Miz turned on Logan after the match in what may very well be a face turn for the latter. Paul later revealed that he doesn't want to be a heel which could explain The A-Lister's post-match actions.

The 27-year-old recently posted pictures of himself training where he was seen performing a top rope maneuver. WWE Legend Shane Helms was spotted training alongside him.

Fans will be eagerly waiting for Logan Paul to return to WWE after his impressive first run with the company. With a feud against The Miz on the card, one can expect a thrilling war of words to follow.

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