Major WWE name teases rematch against Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes is the Undisputed WWE Champion (Credit: WWE)
Cody Rhodes is the Undisputed WWE Champion (Credit: WWE)

Cody Rhodes retained the Undisputed WWE Championship against Logan Paul at King and Queen of the Ring inside the Jeddah Super Dome in Saudi Arabia. It appears The Maverick is looking for a reason to invoke a rematch.

While he remains the United States Champion, Paul has put the effort to go after the top guy in the business before, and he is doing it again.

After numerous posts on Instagram, in which he is seen boasting about his and The American Nightmare's performances, Logan Paul has now brought up Saudi actor and comedian Ibrahim Al Hajjaj's involvement. In the closing moments of his title contest, Ibrahim caught Paul by the leg from outside the ring, preventing the latter from using brass knuckles:

"I was robbed @wwe," wrote Paul as he shared more highlights from his main event match at King and Queen of the Ring.

Meanwhile, The American Nightmare's previous opponent, AJ Styles, was seen visibly upset with SmackDown general manager Nick Aldis this past Friday night. Aldis rejected AJ's request for another shot at the Undisputed WWE Champion. The reason he gave is that once the challenger failed to win the title contest, they have to go back in the line and earn another opportunity.

Is a massive heel turn in the cards for a 14-time WWE World Champion?

Cody Rhodes was seen backstage on SmackDown with his former mentor, Randy Orton. The two shook hands and that was that. Only, was it? This was The Legend Killer's first interaction with The American Nightmare after WrestleMania XL, where he joined the latter to celebrate the coronation.

Interestingly, Orton never took his eyes off the Undisputed WWE Championship belt on Cody's shoulders. If the creative team follows up with this story in the coming weeks bears watching, but a two-month build-up to the potential main event at SummerSlam will be exciting for fans.

Watch their interaction below:

While obviously there are two major events prior to SummerSlam—Clash at the Castle in June and Money in the Bank in July, Cody Rhodes vs. Randy Orton certainly is a worthy SummerSlam headliner.

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