Mandy Rose has 4-word reaction to 30-year-old WWE star saying she'll dethrone her for the NXT Women's Title

Mandy Rose is the reigning NXT Women
Mandy Rose is the reigning NXT Women's Champion

Mandy Rose doesn't think Alba Fyre has any chance at dethroning her for the WWE NXT Women's Championship.

The Golden Goddess has surpassed 330 days as champion, and she's on her way to breaking Asuka's 510-day record. She captured the coveted title on October 26, 2021 at Halloween Havoc by defeating Raquel Rodriguez in a Chucky's choice Trick or Street Fight match.

Rose was confronted by Alba Fyre on a recent episode of NXT 2.0, and it looks like the latter has her sights set on the title.

The WWE NXT account recently posted a vignette of the confrontation on Twitter, which included Alba Fyre stating that she'll be the one to dethrone the Toxic Attraction leader. Mandy Rose then responded by saying that the former NXT UK Women's Champion doesn't have a chance of taking her title.

"Not a chance honey," wrote Mandy.
Not a chance honey 🍟…

The WWE Universe reacts to Mandy Rose's tweet about Alba Fyre

God's Greatest Creation has defeated the likes of Cora Jade, IYO SKY, Wendy Choo and Meiko Satomura tor retain her NXT Women's Championship during her lengthy title reign.

At World's Collide, she gained victory over Blair Davenport and Satomura to capture the NXT UK Women's Title as well, unifying the two championships. As the reigning Undisputed NXT Women's Champion, she now stands atop the division in WWE's third brand.

Does Alba Fyre stand a chance at dethroning Mandy? The WWE Universe shared their thoughts on the matter, which you can check out below:

@WWE_MandyRose No one can’t compare to you.
@WWE_MandyRose They can all dream!! Reality is another story entirely!! #AndStill!! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ†πŸ’―
@WWE_MandyRose Come on now.... Its #Godsgreatedcreation we're talking abt here honey... Just take the easy way outπŸ˜‹ save yourself a doctor's appointment πŸ˜…
@WWE_MandyRose Alba Fyre :) she keeps coming back maybe make her a 4th member bloodline and The Judgement are doing it these days ...just saying .
@WWE_MandyRose Tell her Mandy, you got this! @WWE_MandyRose
@WWE_MandyRose It's time for Mandy to lose and go to smackdown

The Golden Goddess and Alba Fyre could put on a hard-hitting match for the NXT Women's Championship. Fyre has never held the title before, so it'll be interesting to see what pans out and who will walk out with the belt in their possession.

Do you think Alba Fyre has what it takes to dethrone Mandy Rose? Sound off in the comments below!

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