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Mandy Rose talks about almost losing her brother in 2019

Mandy Rose is a member of the WWE RAW roster
Mandy Rose is a member of the WWE RAW roster
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Modified 25 Dec 2020, 22:11 IST

Mandy Rose's brother almost died during the SummerSlam weekend in 2019. The WWE RAW Superstar recently spoke about how one of her brothers had overdosed on drugs last year.

Mandy Rose was traded to WWE RAW as a result of Otis and The Miz's storyline earlier in 2020, and The Golden Goddess became a part of the women's tag team scenario in the latter half of the year. Mandy Rose has partnered with Dana Brooke on the Red brand since then.

Mandy Rose recently appeared on an episode of Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia, along with Dana Brooke. Rose talked about her reaction upon finding out about her brother's overdose incident, which had been a consequence of his addiction to drugs. [H/T: WrestlingInc]

"My brother almost died SummerSlam weekend last year. This was on my mom's birthday. Since then, it hasn't been like that; it's just still the alcohol, and, you know, he's insecure over what happened. [I tell him] there's only so much I can do. If you can't improve yourself, I can't sit here [and fix it]. It's like that quote you said earlier about the anchor and how it just keeps taking you down, and everyone's taking you down. For the last couple of years, I felt like that with my family. I'm like, 'I can't do this anymore. I just can't. I do too much; it's not fair.'"

2020 was a huge year for Mandy Rose in WWE, thanks to her storyline with Otis. However, Mandy explained that her personal life had been overshadowing the gratifying result of her professional achievements, to some degree. She also talked about her father's role in her family.

"I do a lot of stuff for my dad because he's done a lot for me and my brothers. But he's 63, and he's still working on his feet every day. He's keeping the deli for his sons to have just in case, you know. My dad is the most generous and selfless man, but I do a lot to try and help him. I realize I'm doing a lot for them, but then I think, 'Well, who's doing this for me?' I don't need help. But, like, being asked how I'm doing and that support would be nice."

Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose have previously appeared as separate guests on Lilian Garcia's Chasing Glory podcast, but this was their first time being on the show as a tag team. The full interview can be viewed at this link.

Mandy Rose on overcoming her body insecurities over time


During Mandy Rose's previous appearance on Chasing Glory, she had spoken about dealing with body insecurities following her bodybuilding career in 2013. She explained that the aforementioned issue isn't as stressful for her at the moment.

"Right now, my biggest thing is that I don't stress about it anymore. I eat well, and I work out a ton, but there are so many times where I don't worry about what I'm eating. And I noticed that I'm happy with the way my body is."
Mandy Rose (left) and Dana Brooke (right)
Mandy Rose (left) and Dana Brooke (right)

From the same interview, Mandy Rose has admitted to having doubts over her tag team with Dana Brooke.

Published 25 Dec 2020, 22:11 IST
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