"He blatantly buried me" - Former WWE Superstar on Triple H's problem with him

Triple H created the Evolution faction
Triple H created the Evolution faction
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Mark Jindrak believes Triple H deliberately “buried” him in the Evolution episode of WWE Network show Ruthless Aggression.

The 14-time World Champion said plans to add Jindrak to the group were nixed due to his behavior outside the ring. He also compared the former WCW star to a third-grader and revealed that he refused to ride in a car with him ever again.

Speaking with former WWE Superstar Rene Dupree on Cafe de Rene, Jindrak acknowledged that he was immature at the time. However, he took exception to some comments that were made during the episode:

“He was kind of spot on. It’s funny how blatant he was. He blatantly buried me. Some of the things were false. I’ll tell you what was true, was me and [Randy] Orton were f***ing, as he called [us], jackoffs. We were jackoffs, and Rene will tell you… me and Orton would travel together and sometimes guys would make the mistake [of traveling with us].”

Vince McMahon considered adding Jindrak to Evolution after Batista suffered an injury in 2003. The WWE Chairman ultimately listened to his son-in-law and Evolution only ever had four members: Batista, HHH, Randy Orton, and Ric Flair.

Mark Jindrak disputes Triple H’s Ric Flair claim

Where would Jindrak be today if he was solidified as the fourth member of Evolution???? Talk about missing the opportunity of a lifetime! Batista was in the Avengers!!! #wwe #wwf #evolution

Mark Jindrak added that he disagreed with Triple H’s comment about Ric Flair also having issues with him joining Evolution.

According to Jindrak, Flair enjoyed his company and liked talking about life outside of WWE during their long car rides. The King of Kings, by contrast, only wanted to discuss the wrestling business.

“The problem was Triple H wanted to talk about f***ing hot tags and s***. A three-hour ride, you want to talk about arm bars and hot tags and s*** for three hours? I understood it, he wanted to talk X’s and O’s, but Flair wanted to talk about young stuff like girls and clubs,” Jindrak added.

While Batista and Randy Orton continued to work for WWE for several years, Jindrak left the company in 2005. The 44-year-old went on to find success wrestling in Japan and Mexico.

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