Matt Cardona makes surprising retirement announcement

Matt Cardona makes a shocking announcement.
Matt Cardona makes a shocking announcement.

Matt Cardona has retired from deathmatch wrestling.

In shocking news today, Matt Cardona revealed on social media that he has retired from deathmatch wrestling. Cardona has decided to stop while he's ahead after having one of the most talked-about death matches ever in Game Changer Wrestling against Nick Gage.

Earlier today, Cardona responded to a fan on social media informing him that he has retired from that style of wrestling, stating:

Matt Cardona has wrestled his last deathmatch

Hours later, Cardona once again took to social media to expand upon the retirement, saying that while he loves and respects the style, he's not doing another one, tweeting out:

"That was my last deathmatch. I will always love and respect that style. Thanks for all the years of support from DM fans. I appreciate you," Matt Cardona tweeted.

While this marks the end of Cardona's deathmatch career, one would assume he will continue with Game Changer Wrestling.

Cardona recently started tweeting about GCW star and popular independent wrestler Effy. There is a good chance that a match between these two men will be the plan for Cardona with Game Changer Wrestling.

If Cardona does decide to step away from GCW, it has to be said that he left the company in a better state than he found it. The former WWE Superstar brought many new eyes to the product that had never seen the promotion before.

Regardless of what happens with Cardona and GCW, he still currently works at IMPACT Wrestling alongside his soon-to-be wife, Chelsea Green.

Are you surprised that Matt Cardona is done with deathmatch wrestling? Do you think Cardona is done with Game Changer Wrestling as well? Will he continue to work there in different matches? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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