Matt Hardy reacts to the debut of RAW Underground 

Matt Hardy reacts to RAW Underground
Matt Hardy reacts to RAW Underground

Mere hours before tonight's edition of WWE RAW, Shane McMahon's return was announced on WWE's official social media handles. A big announcement was teased as well, leading to tons of speculation on fans' part on social media. On RAW, Shane welcomed the fans to "RAW Underground", a concept that reminded many of Fight Club.

Shane later announced the arrival of Dabba-Kato, a 7-foot tall behemoth who has been with WWE NXT since 2016. The giant went on to score a quick win in his debut. Later in the night, fans witnessed Erik, Dolph Ziggler, and The Hurt Business dominating RAW Underground, with Shane leaving the spot after stating that he can't wait what this new concept has to offer next week.

Around the same time, former WWE Superstar Matt Hardy took to Twitter and reacted to RAW Underground. He didn't directly acknowledge it, but the mention of Fight Club was enough for fans to realize that this was a slight jibe at RAW Underground. Hardy stated that he is excited to watch the Fight Club spoof on Being The Elite. Check out the tweet below:

Matt Hardy's tweet on RAW Underground has left fans divided on Twitter

Hardy's tweet, as expected, led to several wrestling fans coming in droves in the replies. Many were quick to accuse AEW of always taking shots at WWE and its product, while others hailed Hardy for his tweet and didn't seem like they were too thrilled with WWE's brand new concept.

RAW Underground has certainly brought something fresh to the Red brand, especially when the ratings are currently taking a hit amidst the coronavirus pandemic. It would be interesting to see whether WWE manages to hold the fans' attention in the near future with RAW Underground, or if this concept ends up being a dud and gets thrown in the bin after a while.

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