Maxxine Dupri reacts after Otis starts following her on Twitter

Maxxine Dupri has shared a tweet reacting to Otìsè following her on Twitter
Maxxine Dupri is the leader of Maximum Male Models

WWE Superstar Maxxine Dupri has shared a heartfelt reaction to Otìsè (Otis) following her on Twitter.

Maxxine Dupri has been trying her best to sway Otis away from Chad Gable and recruit him to the Maximum Male Models for a while now. Her efforts have seemed to finally pay off as the latter recently changed his Twitter name to Otìsè and is also following Dupri on the social media site.

Maxxine shared a screengrab of the same on her Twitter handle and looked quite happy over the same.

Check out her reaction below:

How did fans react to Maxxine Dupri's tweet about Otis?

WWE fans have always enjoyed Otis on the main roster, with his romantic angle with Mandy Rose being a huge hit among them. Now that the RAW Superstar is involved in an angle with Maxxine Dupri and the Maximum Male Models, fans are excited to see what happens next.

Check out some of the most notable reactions that Maxxine Dupri's tweet received:

@maxxinedupri Otìsè, if they run with this, it's going to be hilarious. Otis is great in these comedy type rolls. I wish they used him more. I miss Heavy Machinery.
@maxxinedupri @WWE It would be cool to get a follow by both you and @otiswwe, congratulations.
@maxxinedupri First Mandy now Maxxine i can't with Otis man

Maxxine Dupri has succeeded in her quest to recruit the 31-year-old star to the Maximum Male Models. She recently made it known that she hasn't made any mistakes with the recruitment:

"I mean, let's be clear. I've made no mistakes, and my boys know that. I just think that with the aura that I am exuding, Otìsè knows that he’s in the best of hands when he’s with me. He understands that I can bring him the true stardom that Otìsè deserves," said Maxxine Dupri.

Maxxine Dupri looks quite excited about the future of the MMM. It remains to be seen if 'Otìsè' manages to create the same magic that he did back in 2020 when he was involved in a romantic storyline with Mandy Rose.

What do you think of this angle? Are you excited to see what Maxxine Dupri has in store for Otìsè in the coming weeks? Sound off in the comment section below.

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