"Melo, you are the lowest form of life" - Condescending Carmelo Hayes confession scrutinized by top WWE champion

WWE Superstar Carmelo Hayes in picture
WWE Superstar Carmelo Hayes walking down the ramp

WWE Superstar Ilja Dragunov addressed Carmelo Hayes' recent actions during the latest episode of NXT.

After betraying his best friend Trick Williams at NXT Vengeance Day, Hayes has now redirected his focus towards Ilja Dragunov. A few weeks ago, after Dragunov's match on the developmental, Hayes ambushed him from behind and launched an attack. Since then, he has made it explicitly clear that he is targeting Dragunov's NXT Championship.

Ilja Dragunov had a response for Hayes during this week's show, denouncing him as a coward for the attacks on both Trick and himself from behind, and labeling him the lowest form of life. Despite this, Dragunov accepted Hayes' challenge and declared that he would defend his title at NXT RoadBlock, but under one condition: he asked Hayes to show up next week for a face-to-face confrontation.

"Carmelo Hayes! From since day one, I saw right through you. The jealousy of your best friends concerned you, and you pointed the finger at me? You are the complete opposite. You are a coward, attacking Trick from behind, and doing the same thing to me. Melo, you are the lowest form of life. A rodent emerging under the cover of night. I have what you seek. I will see you at RoadBlock, under one condition. Show up next week and meet me face-to-face. Melo, come for this championship because I'm coming for something more important... Your soul," Dragunov said.

NXT RoadBlock 2024 is set to be broadcasted as a television special and will take place live from the WWE Performance Center.

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