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"The night the channels changed" - Mick Foley reflects on 22-year anniversary of becoming WWE Champion; The Rock responds

22 years ago today, Mick Foley defeated The Rock to become WWE Champion for the first time.
22 years ago today, Mick Foley defeated The Rock to become WWE Champion for the first time.
Matt Black
Modified 05 Jan 2021, 02:53 IST

Many wrestling fans like to debate when the Monday Night Wars between WWE and WCW were officially won.

Many people have different opinions. But one of the most popular theories happened 22 years ago today when Mick Foley, as Mankind, defeated The Rock for the WWE Championship in the main event of Monday Night RAW.

Funny enough, this episode of RAW was taped that week. Eric Bischoff thought it would be smart to have WCW commentator Tony Schiavone announce to the watching Nitro audience that Foley was going to win the WWE Championship that night, mockingly saying that it was going to put butts in the seats.

Well, clearly, it put viewers in their seats as RAW not only won the ratings that night, but never lost to Nitro again for the rest of the Monday Night War. Today, Foley took to social media to reflect upon that fateful day.

The Rock and Tony Schiavone reflect on Mick Foley's WWE title win

It's clear that many fans and wrestlers alike remember this day fondly. The Rock took to social media to reply to his long time friend and emphasized how big of a moment this truly was in the history of professional wrestling.

"This was a massive and historic moment in pro wrestling during the infamous "Monday Night Wars". It all hinged on one man becoming @wwe champion - @RealMickFoley. We all had our role to play and I was honored to "do the honors" for you and our business, my friend. #foley"

Even Schiavone, who now works for AEW and is the man who had the infamous line about "putting butts in the seats," jokingly chimed in by saying "glad to be part of it."


Were you watching pro-wrestling 22 years ago? Do you remember this night as vividly as some others do? Were you on the side of WCW or WWE during the Monday Night War? Let us know by sounding off in the comments section below.

Published 05 Jan 2021, 02:53 IST
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