Mick Foley names his #1 and #2 most valuable male wrestlers right now – WWE star Seth Rollins takes second spot

Mick Foley (left) and Seth Rollins (right)
Mick Foley (left) and Seth Rollins (right)

Mick Foley believes Seth Rollins is the second most valuable male wrestler in the business today, with Jon Moxley occupying first place.

Rollins has reinvented his character over the last three years to become one of the most entertaining superstars in WWE. Moxley, meanwhile, has cemented his status as AEW’s top babyface in recent months.

On his “Foley Is Pod” podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer gave huge praise to both former Shield members:

“I really like Seth,” Foley said. “To me he is my second pick, second most valuable player in the business… male performer. I would go with Moxley as my first.” [43:29-43:40]

One of Rollins’ biggest highlights this year came at WrestleMania 38 when he lost to the returning Cody Rhodes. Despite losing another two matches against Rhodes at WrestleMania Backlash and Hell in a Cell, he still emerged from the rivalry with his reputation enhanced.

Mick Foley has enjoyed Jon Moxley and Seth Rollins’ progression

The former Shield stablemates have come a long way from their early days on WWE’s main roster alongside Roman Reigns 10 years ago. Jon Moxley, known in WWE as Dean Ambrose, is now a two-time AEW World Champion, while Seth Rollins is a four-time WWE World Champion.

Seth "Rocketman" Rollins!Sport the drip of the Drip God ➡️ #WWECastle #SethRollins

Mick Foley thinks Moxley is the perfect person to travel the world as a top title holder. He also reiterated just how impressive Rollins’ character transformation has been:

“He [Rollins] has had an amazing year,” Foley added. “He reinvented himself. Going back to Moxley, it’s the idea [of] taking on all comers, looking like a real world traveling champion. It’s amazing what he’s done. But Seth Rollins, he reinvented this character, which a lot of people were doubting.” [43:46-44:07]

Moxley will face Bryan Danielson at AEW Grand Slam on Wednesday for the vacant AEW World Championship. In WWE, Rollins’ feud with Matt Riddle looks set to continue in the coming weeks.

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