"It could have been anyone" - Mickie James opens up on the significance of her Royal Rumble appearance (Exclusive)

Mickie James at the 2022 WWE Royal Rumble.
Mickie James at the 2022 WWE Royal Rumble.

Mickie James' return at the Royal Rumble will be remembered as an iconic moment in wrestling history, and the legend spoke about the experience during an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling.

While James understands there have been cross-promotional activities done in the past, her Royal Rumble performance happened at a higher level, and she was genuinely grateful to have been able to make it happen.

James also stated that other wrestlers from outside WWE could have also taken her Rumble spot.

"I know it's been done before. It dates back to the 80s and the 90s, but in the modern era to be done at this scale, it's pretty monumental, and I'm honored to have been the one because, in reality, it could have been anyone or not really anyone because obviously."
"It would have had to be someone from a different company, but there could have been a lot of other people that were chosen for that place, and to be the one, I'm super, super grateful," revealed Mickie James.

Mickie James has had several memorable moments in her career as she had big matches with Trish Stratus and Lita during her first run in WWE.

The reigning Knockouts Champion said that her Rumble return ranked high up on the list of achievements in her career.

"This is pretty high up there. This is pretty high up, and you wouldn't because it's a Rumble appearance and it was only like, an allotted time, and obviously you didn't win, you would think like, 'Oh, this isn't one of those things that is up there alongside, you know, with Trish at WrestleMania or Lita at Survivor Series when it was her retirement match, or even winning the championship from Beth after she went undefeated," recalled James.

The possibilities that now seem endless: Mickie James

Mickie James' groundbreaking appearance at the Royal Rumble has seemingly opened the proverbial forbidden door. James said fans can now believe that anything is possible in wrestling as the various dream matches can come to fruition.

The former WWE Women's Champion noted how athletes from other sports battle each other across leagues and organizations.

Mickie James envisioned a similar future for professional wrestling where we could potentially see marquee names from rival companies compete in inter-promotional angles.

"This is very, very high up there because I think of them, I guess; I hate to throw the word around loosely, but the history that was really really made from it. The possibilities that now seem endless because of it, right? All these fantasy booking ideas that we would say, 'Oh, I would really love to see this person vs. this person, cross-promotional thing and you're like, 'Oh, that would never happen because obviously, these companies don't work together and then now go, 'Actually, this could happen, like for the right place, at the right time, money marquee matches."
"It just shows how much the business is evolving in the sense of what is going to be a marquee match and draw money, and I think you see it in other promotions, in boxing, in other sports where there will be champions from different leagues and whatever competing. I think that's now a possibility in wrestling on a larger scale, on a mainstream scale," added James.

Mickie James is slated to organize a Mardi Gras concert in New Orleans with musical group Chapel Hart on February 18th. The event will take place a day before IMPACT Wrestling's No Surrender show, and it will take place down the road from the John A Alario Event Center.

Could we see the IMPACT Wrestling Title defended on WWE TV someday? Mickie James also spoke about the possibility, and you can read more on that right here.

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