"My OG" - Rhea Ripley sends a heartfelt message for 40-year-old male WWE Superstar

Rhea Ripley is one of WWE
Rhea Ripley is one of WWE's biggest heels today

WWE Superstar Rhea Ripley has sent a message for her Judgment Day stablemate, Damian Priest, terming him her "terror twin."

The Eradicator has been at the top of the mountain in WWE even since capturing the SmackDown Women's Championship at WrestleMania 39. A big part of Ripley's recent success can be attributed to her decision to join Judgment Day. Since joining the stable, she discovered a newfound edge to her personality.

Rhea Ripley has shared great chemistry with all her stablemates, be it Finn Balor, Dominik Mysterio, and Damian Priest. A Twitter user recently shared a clip of Ripley and Priest celebrating at a Live Event. The SmackDown Women's Champion quickly responded to the video, showering praise on Priest.

She called the 40-year-old her "OG" and "terror twin." Check it out below:

"My OG! My Terror Twin!@ArcherOfInfamy," tweeted Ripley.

Rhea Ripley is open to having more members as part of Judgment Day in WWE

It's no secret that after The Bloodline, Judgment Day is the most powerful stable in WWE, with all its members being top stars. While the Roman Reigns-led faction is slowly crumbling, Judgment Day continues to thrive. Rhea Ripley recently even mentioned that they were on the hunt to enlist more members.

In a recent interview, The Eradicator explained that the stable was looking at performers who shared a similar vision as them.

"So, we're always looking at individuals that might make the cut. They obviously have to prove themselves to us and they have to want the same things that we want and understand that no one's in charge, that we're all here in a close-knit unit where we're all supporting each other and wanting the best for everyone in the group and just wanting to take over the WWE as a whole but together," she said.

Recent rumors suggested WWE could book NXT call-up JD McDonagh to become part of Judgment Day soon.

Who do you think should become the newest members of Judgment Day on RAW? Sound off in the comment section below.

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