"We'll see if they make the cut" - Rhea Ripley confirms other WWE stars could join The Judgment Day

Who could join The Judgment Day on WWE RAW?
Who could join The Judgment Day on WWE RAW?

WWE SmackDown Women's Champion Rhea Ripley recently confirmed that The Judgment Day is considering adding new members to the group.

Edge initially formed The Judgment Day in early 2022. Damian Priest was the first superstar to align with The Rated-R Superstar. Rhea Ripley later joined the group to form the initial trio. However, when Finn Balor decided to join The Judgment Day, the faction turned on Edge and kicked him out. The latest superstar to become a member of The Judgment Day was Dominik Mysterio, after turning on his father and Edge at Clash at the Castle last September.

In a recent interview with the Battleground Podcast, Ripley confirmed that the group is considering a few names to add to The Judgment Day.

"So, we're always looking at individuals that might make the cut. They obviously have to prove themselves to us and they have to want the same things that we want and understand that no one's in charge, that we're all here in a close-knit unit where we're all supporting each other and wanting the best for everyone in the group and just wanting to take over the WWE as a whole but together," she said.

The WWE SmackDown Women's Champion added:

"So, we're always looking at obviously the people that are coming up from NXT. And we've looked at all those SmackDown superstars, all the RAW Superstars. We've tried with AJ [Styles] before but he was stubborn. We've tried with Liv [Morgan] before but she was stubborn. And then like yeah, I'm not sure we've been looking at a few people. I don't wanna give anything away. We'll see if they make the cut or not." [11:53 - 12:46]

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Is Rhea Ripley the leader of The Judgment Day on WWE RAW?

Rhea Ripley is currently one of the most popular superstars in the Stamford-based company. Due to her popularity, some fans believe The Eradicator is now the leader of The Judgment Day.

In her interview with Battleground Podcast, Ripley denied being the leader of the group.

"We don't have a leader but, you know, I do get quite bossy sometimes. Mami gets what she wants so..." Ripley said.

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