Rhea Ripley says one of her boyfriends accepted Seth Rollins' apology; the other seeks revenge in WWE

WWE SmackDown Women
WWE SmackDown Women's Champion Rhea Ripley has a real-life boyfriend and an on-screen one.

WWE SmackDown Women's Champion Rhea Ripley recently addressed Seth Rollins' apology to her real-life partner Buddy Matthews (Buddy Murphy) and on-screen boyfriend Dominik Mysterio following their incident on RAW.

Last Monday, Rollins teamed up with AJ Styles in a tag team match against The Judgment Day's Finn Balor and Damian Priest. Rollins left the ring during the match and put his arm around Ripley's shoulder. The Eradicator initially thought it was Dominik before screaming and jumping away when she realized it was not him.

During a recent episode of The Bump, Rollins apologized to Ripley, Dominik, and Matthews, stating that he hoped they were not too offended. In an interview with Battleground Podcast, The Eradicator addressed Rollins' apology, disclosing that Matthews had accepted Rollins' apology. However, Dominik wants revenge.

"[Has Dom or Buddy accepted Seth's apology?] Buddy yes. Dom Dom I feel like it lit a fire under him where he wants some revenge. Yeah, I haven't talked to him in the last 24 hours about it, but I know that he wasn't very happy. We had a little back and forth straight afterwards where I was like why like 'Why didn't you do something?' And I think he definitely wants to get him back," she said. [From 8:08 to 8:28]

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Rhea Ripley sent a bold threat to WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins

Rhea Ripley has also previously addressed Seth Rollins' actions on RAW in an interview with FOX 61. The Eradicator disclosed that what Rollins did was "dumb," adding that she was upset with the World Heavyweight Champion.

The SmackDown Women's Champion also sent a bold threat to Rollins.

"So, he's gonna get what's coming to him. And he not only surprised me but he surprised Dominik as well, so I know that he's gonna wanna do something about it," she said.

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