Otis opens up on the origin of the Caterpillar

  • The story behind the origin of Otis' Caterpillar is rather heartbreaking.
  • Otis is one of the six participants in the Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match this year.
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Modified 06 May 2020, 01:14 IST

Otis performing the Caterpillar
Otis performing the Caterpillar

WWE Superstar Otis was in conversation with Digital Spy where he opened up about the origin of the Caterpillar.

Otis has been on a fantastic run of late, first with the win over Dolph Ziggler in his first-ever singles match at WrestleMania and then he had a WrestleMania moment of his own when he kissed his 'Peach' Mandy Rose in the middle of the ring.

Since then, Otis has qualified for the Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match and will take on Aleister Black, AJ Styles, Rey Mysterio, King Corbin, and Daniel Bryan in an attempt to retrieve the briefcase.

The origin of Otis' Caterpillar

Otis has a natural charisma, be it in the ring or on the mic, that can make many Superstars on the roster envious. His moveset in the ring is particularly peculiar and one of those moves is the Caterpillar.

Stephanie Chase of Digital Spy asked Otis about the origin of the particular move. The story is rather heartbreaking as he recalls that no one wanted to dance with him at a dance party in elementary school and that's when he brought out the Caterpillar for the first time.

"It was at a dance party at Elementary School. No girls would dance with me so I had to get the crowd over with my moves," Otis recalled. "I started shaking my hips and getting going and I waited till everybody was watching – you know, it was a big circle dance, everybody's looking in there and checking you out. And that's when I dropped. Bam! It's a little bit stiffer on the floor than in the ring. And I got love from doing that move, so I just kept doing it. So now every wedding I get sore ribs the day after."

When Otis moved to the WWE Performance Center, coach Scotty 2 Hotty, renowned for doing 'The Worm', gave him his blessing and it was only after that he used the move inside the ring.

"I told (Scotty) this move means a lot to me and I know you're the king of The Worm but I want to continue this and we'll call it The Caterpillar," Otis said.

Published 06 May 2020, 01:14 IST
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