[Photo] Eva Marie teases appearance change after stating her desire to return to WWE

Eva Marie was released from WWE in 2021!
Eva Marie was released from WWE in 2021!

Former WWE Superstar Eva Marie recently discussed going back to an old look after openly stating her desire to return to the company.

The 38-year-old was a part of the Stamford-based promotion for nearly four years during her first stint with the sports entertainment giant. She returned to the promotion for another run in 2020. However, that did not last long as she was released from her contract a few months after making an on-screen comeback.

Eva has stated her desire to return to WWE on multiple occasions in the past. She also mentioned that she could arrive back with a darker persona, with black hair and other changes. The All Red Everything reiterated the same on social media as well, stating that black is her natural hair color and she will eventually bring it back. Marie also posted a picture of herself with black hair.

Eva Marie stated that she has an ongoing relationship with WWE

Eva Marie has stayed off the wrestling radar since leaving the Stamford-based promotion for the second time in 2021. The 38-year-old has kept the door open for her potential return and even revealed that she has an ongoing relationship with the company:

"The talks of me coming back to WWE, it's one of those things where, I know you guys want a yes or no answer, and the truth is it's maybe. We have an ongoing relationship. I was just in talks to WWE Studios talking about, you know, ideas and movies and TV. And then obviously that door is like always open potentially of coming back, who knows. Eva Marie can come back as, you know, like a dark kind of persona, dye my hair back to black, come in. You never know," Eva said.

Eva Marie was never renowned for her in-ring ability, but was still over with fans due to her charisma and gimmick. Her last outing in the squared circle was in September 2021 where she was defeated by Piper Niven in a quick match.

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