Eva Marie gives a definitive answer on whether she is returning to WWE

Former WWE Superstar Eva Marie
Former WWE Superstar Eva Marie

Former WWE Superstar Eva Marie recently addressed the possibility of her returning to the company.

In 2013, Eva Marie signed with the Stamford-based company. Over the next four years, the 38-year-old competed on Monday Night RAW, SmackDown, and NXT. She also starred in Total Divas before leaving the promotion in 2017. She returned about four years later. However, Eva Marie's second run ended in November 2021 when the company released her from her contract.

Eva Marie recently disclosed in an interview that she was "in constant talks" with the Stamford-based company, claiming that "the door is always open" for her return. Since then, many fans have been speculating that the former Total Divas star could soon make a comeback.

The former superstar recently addressed these rumors. In a YouTube video, Marie gave a "cut and dry" answer in regards to whether she is returning to the company.

"The talks of me coming back to WWE, it's one of those things where, I know you guys want a yes or no answer, and the truth is it's maybe. We have an ongoing relationship. I was just in talks to WWE Studios talking about, you know, ideas and movies and TV. And then obviously that door is like always open potentially of coming back, who knows. Eva Marie can come back as, you know, like a dark kind of persona, dye my hair back to black, come in. You never know," Eva Marie said.

She added:

"That's what's so beautiful about WWE is it's a character. You're creating something to entertain you guys whether it's happy, mad, or you want to punch the screen where you want to slap me, whatever it may be. That's the whole joy about watching the WWE programming. So, to give you a cut and dry answer, it's a maybe. I love WWE and the fact that I'm in talks with them right now and currently is amazing. So, hopefully when you guys go to bed at night, I want you to think about possibly, 'she really, is she coming back to Monday Night RAW?' And I could be coming back with black hair. Who knows?"

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Eva Marie praises WWE Superstar Piper Niven

When Eva Marie returned to the company in 2021, she introduced Piper Niven as her protege, Doudrop. The two had a storyline that saw Niven later turn on her mentor. The Scottish wrestler defeated Eva Marie twice on Monday Night RAW before the latter was released.

Eva Marie heaped praise on Piper Niven in her recent YouTube video, dubbing her a "stud."

"In 2021, I came back with pink hair and that's when I was with Doudrop and now Piper is her current WWE name, which was freaking amazing. I love her. She's a stud. Amazing athlete," she said. [7:54 - 8:11]

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