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WWE News: Randy Orton planning on changing ring gear to suit his Wyatt family persona

Will Randy Orton finally start dressing up like a member of the Wyatt family?

Now that Randy Orton is a member of the Wyatt family, and rather successfully so, it seems as if WWE probably wanted something similar with Daniel Bryan’s storyline as well.

However, Bryan was so red-hot as a babyface, that him being a part of the Wyatt family just did not work. With Orton, though, not only has it given his character a much-needed resurgence, but he is once again a title holder.

However, while Daniel Bryan had embraced the ways of the Wyatts by donning a jumpsuit, Randy Orton has yet to make any significant changes to his attire. He has now stated that he is willing to undergo a complete wardrobe change, something that he has not done since the beginning of his WWE stint nearly 15 years ago. 

Orton’s original avatar

According to a recent interview with Tom Clark (h/t WrestlingINC), Orton said that he was more than willing to make the move to full-on Wyatt Family mode.

He spoke about a potential wardrobe change and stated: 

"I almost want to change up my gear, but I'm not quite sure where to go with it. Like, I need to find out who made Bray's stuff. It's kind of like a Baron Corbin-esque like thing he [has] got going on.

I should say Baron's got a Bray Wyatt thing going on, but either way, I've been in the same gear for well over a decade. It's cool to see guys kind of evolve and that are always changing things up and I've never been like that. “

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Orton then went on to talk about reinventing his character and why he hasn’t done it so far:

“I might introduce a new move here and there or a new attitude here and there, but what I'm starting to realise is the creativity, there's no limit to it and it can always pull you back if you're not willing to really think about your character and make those changes. 

And I just really haven't for my whole career because I've always been third generation competitor Randy Orton. Wrestling's in my blood. This is what I do. This is what I was born to do. I've got my own style.”

He also spoke about feeling good about his program with the Wyatt family and being able to tell a story in the ring:

“Yeah, I don't do flips and s--t, but when it comes down to it, I know how to tell a story and that's what I've tried to get over doing. And being with the Wyatts now, that creativity, I feel a little spark. I feel lighter on my feet, like there's a bounce in my step again working with these guys.”

Randy Orton seems to have completely immersed himself in the Wyatt character. He had also tweeted out the following earlier:

Orton, admittedly, has surprised many with how well he has fit with the Wyatt Family. Although the beginning was a bit shaky and made little sense, the team of Orton and Wyatt are jelling well together.

Now, with a wardrobe change on the horizon, things are only looking up for the family and Orton! 

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