Randy Orton's wife on whether her sons could become wrestlers (Exclusive)

Kim Orton (left), Giovanna Angle (center), and Reby Hardy (right) [Image source: WWE on YouTube]
Kim Orton (left), Giovanna Angle (center), and Reby Hardy (right) [Image source: WWE on YouTube]

Kim Orton recently opened up about her sons possibly following in Randy Orton's footsteps by becoming WWE Superstars. She also spoke about how the Ortons were a close-knit family.

Over the last two decades, Randy Orton has established himself as one of the top wrestlers of his generation. The Viper has one daughter with his wife, Kim, and another from his previous marriage to Samantha Speno. Kim also has three sons from a past relationship.

Sportskeeda Wrestling Senior Editor Bill Apter spoke to the Orton family at Bob Orton Jr.'s St. Louis Wrestling Hall of Fame induction. In an exclusive interview, Kim revealed she would be okay with her sons potentially pursuing careers in the wrestling business:

"I'm not concerned. No, yeah [no problem with sons wrestling]. I think it's a really close-knit family unit. It's hard and they'd have to sacrifice a lot." [3:01 – 3:11]

Watch the video above to hear Kim Orton's opinion on female fans trying to hit on her husband.

How Kim Orton met Randy Orton

A wrestling fan before meeting Randy Orton, Kim attended a WWE show with her sons at the Mid Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, New York.

While at the event, Kim caught the 14-time World Champion's eye. They began dating shortly after that and got married in 2015.

"I was, I was [a wrestling fan]," Kim Orton said. "My boys, actually, I have three boys, and they were big fans, wrestling fans, and I actually took them to Poughkeepsie Civic Center to see a show and that's when I met Randy. At the show. That was 10 years ago." [2:15 – 2:39]

In a separate interview, Bill Apter spoke to Randy Orton about the serious back injury that almost ended his wrestling career in 2022.

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