"Of course, it could be…" - Raquel Rodriguez comments on WWE's White Rabbit mystery

Raquel Rodriguez and the White Rabbit.
Raquel Rodriguez and the White Rabbit

The White Rabbit continues to be one of the hottest topics in professional wrestling. WWE's Raquel Rodriguez has now shared her thoughts on the mysterious angle.

WWE began playing Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit at its house shows a few weeks back, and the company has since massively expanded on the viral story. Fans have spent countless hours decoding QR codes and clues that hint towards the arrival of the White Rabbit. But who is it?

While some outrageous theories are doing the rounds online, the entire fanbase is visibly confused by the ongoing storyline, and Raquel Rodriguez also shared a similar sentiment.

Rodriguez opened up about the White Rabbit during an interview with NBC Sports Boston and said she was also trying to get to the bottom of the mystery. The former NXT Women's Champion interestingly almost revealed the name of the superstar who she thinks could be the White Rabbit.

"Honestly, I am just as confused and lost as you all are. I am doing the same thing with the QR codes. I'm trying to figure it out!" revealed Rodriguez. "There are so many, um, ideas of who it could be out there, right? Like, of course, it could be... Really anything, honestly! I don't know. I can't even give you my theory because I am just as confused as you guys are (laughs). " [2:03 - 2:30]

Potential spoilers on the identity and unveiling of the White Rabbit in WWE

The promotion has received widespread praise for gradually building up the White Rabbit narrative as the WWE Universe can't wait for the big reveal.

It was recently reported that the man behind the teasers could be unveiled at the upcoming Extreme Rules event on October 8th, 2022. It should also surprise nobody that people internally within WWE believe the White Rabbit to be Bray Wyatt.

While there is no confirmation on whether the returning star will physically appear at Extreme Rules, the company might finally acknowledge the former Universal Champion's involvement in the cryptic storyline that has grabbed everyone's attention.

Are you a fan of the White Rabbit angle, or has it gotten too complicated? Sound off in the comments section below.

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