"I said screw that!" - WWE Legend is losing interest in the White Rabbit and points out a big issue with the angle (Exclusive)

A planted fan sign provided another massive hint about the White Rabbit on SmackDown.
A planted fan-sign provided another massive hint about the White Rabbit on SmackDown.

Dutch Mantell feels WWE might be overdoing its White Rabbit clues and admitted to being disinterested in the new storyline.

The White Rabbit mystery continues to perplex wrestling fans as WWE dropped another teaser on this week's SmackDown. The company has succeeded in grabbing the fans' attention by cleverly using QR codes and quotes from old promos to add to the cryptic narrative.

Mantell was also initially a fan of the White Rabbit experiment, but he feels that the plot is getting too complicated to follow and added that it would only appeal to the hardcore fanbase. Casual fans, according to him, might not have the patience to stick around for the big reveal, and he explained why on the latest episode of Smack Talk:

"Don't make it too difficult. This makes you actually look, and the only ones that are going to look are your hardcore fans. But you don't need to interest your hardcore fans as much; you need to interest the casual fans. And this may be catching some of them, but if you wanted me to go and look at a QR code, I guess, what you call it and then a morse code, I said 'Screw that! I'm just going to watch the rest of the show, and when it happens, it happens.'" [15:00 - 15:45]

WWE is adding several layers to the White Rabbit angle, but Dutch Mantell has no desire to put in the extra hours into research. He made his point clear with a hilarious analogy, as you can view below:

"Actually, they are disinteresting me in this now. It was interesting for a while. Did you ever like to do homework? I didn't do homework; I listened in class and, like, listening to the show and watching the show. If I don't understand it there, I'm not going to go back and research anything. That's just me because I'm a lazy b**tard." [16:00 - 16:24]

Dutch Mantell on the risk of WWE losing casual fans during the White Rabbit storyline

Almost every member of the WWE Universe is eager learn the identity of the White Rabbit. Many were under the impression that the revelation would happen on last week's SmackDown due to the 9:23 clue. However, WWE seems to be stretching out the story to maximize the buzz.

The legendary manager warned against fans being misled and said many viewers would tune out if they didn't get what was promised on the weekly shows.

"When you promise something and don't deliver, you know, those are the casual fans again that are tuning in and if you disappoint them, screw it! I'm gone! It was 9/23, right? And he wasn't there? So, draw your own conclusions. I'll draw mine." [17:34 - 18:01]

Reports suggest that Bray Wyatt is the White Rabbit, and Extreme Rules could be the event where he finally shows up to put an end to all speculation.

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