"Really blew my mind" - Former WWE star comments on "incredible conversation" with Billy Graham

Billy Graham passed away last month.
Billy Graham passed away last month

Konnan recently recalled the time when he got to meet Billy Graham for the first time and how he was surprised that the WWE legend knew his name.

"Superstar" Billy Graham passed away on May 17, 2023, aged 79. While the news reduced the wrestling world to tears, it also led to the celebration of his career. Fans and wrestlers came together to share memories of the WWE legend's remarkable in-ring work, which was leaps and bounds ahead of most of his peers.

In an exclusive chat with Sportskeeda Wrestling's Bill Apter, Konnan recalled his first meeting with Graham. The WCW legend mentioned that he was taken aback to discover that Billy Graham knew his name. Konnan added that they had an "incredible conversation" and that he was in awe of Graham the whole time.

"I got to meet him [Billy Graham] when I was wrestling, and he knew who I was, which really blew my mind. This is a guy who I grew up watching, and he knows who I am. And we had an incredible conversation, and the whole time I was marking out thinking, 'Wow, I'm talking to 'Superstar' Billy Graham,' and he's cool as f***." (3:34 - 3:52)

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WWE legend Triple H sent out a heartfelt message for Billy Graham after his passing

Among the many who took to social media to express their grief over Billy Graham's tragic passing, one was WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H himself. The Game mentioned how Graham was the most "imitated" wrestler in the history of the business and sent out his wishes to the late legend's family and friends.

"The most imitated man to ever step in the ring… but there was only one “Superstar” Billy Graham. RIP my friend…..My thoughts are with his family, friends and fans," wrote Triple H.

The fact that Hulk Hogan's on-screen persona is said to have been modeled after Billy Graham's character proves just how influential the latter was.

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