Released WWE Superstar always dreamt of working with The Usos [Exclusive]

The Usos
The Usos
Abhilash Mendhe

The Bollywood Boyz talked about wanting to work with The Usos while speaking with Riju Dasgupta of Sportskeeda.

Gurvinder and Harvinder Sihra were recently let go by WWE. They made their name in the company as Sunil Singh and Samir Singh, respectively. The duo was prominently featured on WWE TV as Jinder Mahal's sidekicks during his 2017 WWE title run.

The Bollywood Boyz were asked about wrestlers they would have liked to work with in the company. Here's what they had to say in response:

Gurvinder: "And Riju, you were asking who would we like to work with inside WWE at the time. I mean Usos for sure. You know, I always dreamt of working with Usos, and how can you not? Best tag team going right now would say, in the WWE still, all these years later."
Harvinder: "Just to throw a little history, like, Usos were very good to us, when we got called up on the main roster. When we were on the International tours, live events, you know, just always would talk to us and just help us along. So I think, that, kind of would have been great to be able to lock up with them, knowing when we first got called up they were just great guys to us."


The Usos are still going strong after all these years

It has been about 11 years since The Usos made their way to WWE. It wouldn't be a stretch to call them one of the greatest tag teams to ever step foot in a WWE ring. The twins are six-time Tag Team Champions. The company recently presented a list of the 50 greatest tag teams in company history and The Usos bagged the No. 7 spot.

The Usos are currently involved in an angle with Universal Champion Roman Reigns on SmackDown. The fact that they are cousins in real life has only helped create intrigue among the WWE Universe with the ongoing storyline.

What are your thoughts on The Usos? Do you believe The Bollywood Boyz would ever get to wrestle them in the future?

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