Released WWE Superstar seemingly reveals original plans with Randy Orton after his return

Randy Orton is a former WWE Champion.
Randy Orton is a former WWE Champion.

Randy Orton was out of in-ring action for almost 18 months, courtesy of a nasty beatdown from The Bloodline. He has been fuming at Roman Reigns and his cousins ever since SmackDown on May 20, 2022, when they took him out for a year and a half.

Back then, he teamed up with former WWE star Matt Riddle as team RK-Bro in a Tag Team Championship unification match against The Usos.

While Orton was on the road to recovery, The Original Bro was released in September 2023 under Triple H's regime. Hence, when the 14-time World Champion returned at Survivor Series in November 2023, Matt Riddle was already gone.

Riddle spilled some beans at a virtual signing hosted by Signed By Superstars! He stayed tight-lipped when asked about his and Randy Orton's future before the release, afraid of spoiling a potential comeback storyline.

The 37-year-old star confirmed a heel turn was brewing, but kept the culprit a secret, leaving everyone guessing who might have become the bad guy.

"Plan was — well we were hoping it… I don’t wanna really say (how Randy & I’s story was supposed unfold when he came back) because if I do return and then we do the story — yeah, I would say eventually all teams eventually turn on each other. I don’t wanna give the spoiler of who was gonna turn on who," said Riddle. (H/T POST Wrestling)

Check out the virtual signing stream below:

Matt Riddle wants to finish his story with Randy Orton

Ever since being released from WWE, the former RAW Tag Team Champion wrestled for the first time against Jacob Fatu at MLW Kings Of Colosseum.

Given The King of Bros missed Orton's return at Survivor Series, the WWE Universe wonders if the two superstars would ever reunite. During the same conversation, Matt Riddle expressed that he would team up with The Viper at some point in his career.

"I would say unless one of us passes away, it’s a guarantee (that I’ll reunite with Randy Orton). One way or another, I mean, ideally, it would probably be in the ‘E’ but I don’t see how it wouldn’t happen. There’s no way. I mean I’m gonna get to Randy one way or another," he added.

It remains to be seen if WWE is willing to bring back the former United States Champion after his messy exit from the company.

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