"She's gonna have to fight me" - Rhea Ripley on Beth Phoenix's reaction to her joining Judgment Day 

Former Women's Champion, Beth Phoenix
Former Women's Champion, Beth Phoenix

Rhea Ripley has shared her thoughts on WWE Legend Beth Phoenix's reaction to her joining forces with Judgment Day.

The Nightmare was revealed as the third member of the sinister group after Edge defeated AJ Styles at WrestleMania Backlash last Sunday. The Glamazon took to Twitter to share her reaction to the same, which you can check out here.

Speaking to 99.5 WKDQ, Rhea Ripley stated that Beth Phoenix would have to accept the situation or face her in a match. She also referred to the WWE Hall of Famer as her dream opponent.

"I haven't talked to Beth [Phoenix], but I've been seeing a lot of her posts on Twitter and I don't know if she's very happy about me joining The Judgment Day. So Beth is gonna have to put her emotions aside and be on our side pretty much, or she's gonna have to fight me. Beth Phoenix is my dream opponent and if she disagrees with what we're saying, I wouldn't mind stepping in the ring with her and settling it once and for all," Ripley said. (5:32-6:21)

Rhea Ripley opens up about working alongside Edge in WWE

Edge is one of the biggest and most successful stars in pro wrestling history. He was a part of many legendary stables such as The Ministry of Darkness and The Brood. As the leader of Judgment Day, he's putting over Rhea and Damien Priest.

During the same interview, Ripley commented on her experience while working with The Rated-R Superstar:

"Edge is such an amazing talent and he's been through so many different matches and he's done so much stuff in this company. I think I'm gonna learn a lot from in the next few months, if not years. So, I'm very excited to be working with him and I do think he could definitely help me climb up the ladder really really quickly."

Rhea Ripley working alongside Edge is a good thing for her. There are plenty of things she and Damian Priest can learn from The Rated-R Superstar in terms of in-ring skills and promos.

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