Rhea Ripley's 'Valentine' sends a message after Liv Morgan kisses Dominik Mysterio on WWE RAW

Rhea Ripley is currently sidelined due to an injury!
Rhea Ripley is currently sidelined due to an injury!{image source 1: https://www.instagram.com/p/C2OD6S_S4fR/?img_index=1 image source 2: https://www.sonyliv.com/sports/wwe-raw-1700000191/wwe-raw-28-may-2024-1000276101?watch=true}

WWE RAW last night was one to forget for Rhea Ripley as Dominik Mysterio once again accidentally helped Liv Morgan in her title match, following which the two even kissed. While Mami has so far maintained her silence on the whole situation, her 'Valentine' Cathy Kelley reacted to the shocking turn of events with a short message.

Cathy Kelley and Rhea Ripley are very close friends and share a flirtatious relationship on social media. The RAW backstage interviewer has often shown her jealousy toward Dominik Mysterio for his closeness to Mami and never shies away from taking a shot at the former NXT North American Champion.

The same was the case night when Dirty Dom once again ended up helping Liv Morgan which led to the female star kissing him. While things were not Dominik Mysterio's fault, Cathy Kelley seemingly took a shot at the Judgment Day member, calling out his loyalty towards Ripley.

Liv Morgan broke character to discuss her real-life bond with fellow WWE star Rhea Ripley

While Liv Morgan and Rhea Ripley may be fierce rivals now, the duo were close friends and tag partners at one time in WWE. The Women's World Champion recently broke character to discuss her partnership with Mami:

"In those days, I really, really, really enjoyed my partnership with Rhea. I think it was unique and special and we knew each other very, very, very, very well, and we just had a special bond that was between her and I, that is no more," said Liv.

Liv promised to take away everything dear to Rhea and has already made some progress on that she now holds the Women's World Championship which was once held by Mami. Morgan has also been seen talking to the Judgment Day members, even making already making advances towards Dominik Mysterio. The 29-year-old WWE star could give Rhea a big blow by taking away Dirth Dom from her.