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WWE News: Ric Flair opens up about Cena possibly breaking his record

7.73K   //    06 Nov 2016, 15:43 IST
Ric Flair likes Cena and doesn’t mind if Cena equals his record of 16 World Championships

For a long time, Ric Flair has held the record for the most number of World Championship reigns. Flair stands at an unequalled 16 World Championships out of which 6 were in WCW, 8 in the NWA and 2 in the WWE. But now more than ever, it looks like John Cena will equal that record.

Cena currently stands at 15 World titles under his belt. He is set for a return to SmackDown Live soon and should he wish to renew his rivalry with AJ Styles and go after the WWE World Championship, there is a good chance that he might equal Flair’s record.

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Flair recently appeared on Busted Open with Doug Mortman and Dave LaGreca. During the course of the conversation, Flair commented on Cena being in line to equal his record of 16 World Championships. Flair said that he did not have a problem with Cena equaling his record but he expressed his discontent over the number.

Flair disagreed with the number and said that there were a few more reigns the WWE did not consider:

“Sixteen’s not the real number anyway. They just plain won’t recognize two of them, so that’s 18, and then there were three more. No, but, I think the world of John and I would have no problem with that happening.”

The real number of Flair’s title reigns is said to vary from 16 to 25. Throughout the span of the Nature Boy’s career, there have been many disputed incidents. Some point in his favour while others don’t. A few of Flair’s title reigns are not considered because the changes in booking and storylines took place on the fly at live events. 

However, there are rumours that Cena might finally begin his coveted sixteenth title reign at WrestleMania 33. The last time the World Championship was wrapped around Cena’s waist was at SummerSlam 2014 when Brock Lesnar mauled Cena with 16 suplexes.

There are many that consider Flair’s record as the holy grail and believe that Cena equaling that record would be blasphemous since he’s not a technically talented wrestler like Ric Flair was.


Cena has been blamed for destroying pushes and burying talent in the past, so much so, that he is now heckled rampantly amidst a flicker of cheers in arenas all over the country. Despite this, it is almost certain that WWE will book Cena to equal Flair’s record or even surpass it thereby cementing him as the greatest WWE wrestler ever.

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