Rikishi rejects veteran's idea of a WWE return after 7 years to manage real-life Bloodline member; says he may do it

Rikishi could make a return to WWE.
Rikishi could make a return to WWE.

WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi is excited for his nephew Jacob Fatu's imminent debut in the company. The real-life Bloodline member is already signed and is seemingly being saved for the right time.

Fatu has already garnered a lot of interest, with Jim Cornette even stating he'd come out of retirement to manage him. The legendary manager hasn't appeared on WWE programming since the Hall of Fame ceremony in 2017, which in turn was his first appearance since 2005.

However, Rikishi has outright rejected that idea. Speaking on his podcast Rikishi Fatu Off The Top, the legendary Attitude Era star claimed that The Bloodline is doing hard work for themselves and the fans only. He also suggested he would be Jacob Fatu's manager if he needs one.

Check out what he said below:

"Absolutely not. Listen, Jacob doesn't need a manager. And if anybody would be a manager, you're probably looking at the guy that will walk out Jacob," said Rikishi. "Jim knows this. Why [would] we do the hard work and somebody steps in and takes the gravy? It ain't like we're like cavemen from back in the day. You're looking at an educated Samoan man sitting right in front of you. I know my ABCs. It ain't that easy for me to carry a racket if I wanted to. So, listen. Stay in your lane, Uce," he added. [24:15-24:54]

It remains to be seen when Jacob Fatu does make his WWE debut and whether Rikishi accompanies him or not. He has several options waiting for him, as both a babyface and a heel.

Possible reason for the delay in Jacob Fatu's WWE debut

Possibly the most anticipated debut in recent WWE history, Jacob Fatu might not join The Bloodline for a while. According to a report from WrestleVotes, the company is concerned The Samoan Werewolf's presence could outshine Solo Sikoa, who is being positioned as The Tribal Chief in Roman Reigns' absence.

How WWE solves that problem is anybody's guess, as it will be hard for Fatu not to stand out following his debut. Whether he joins Sikoa's Bloodline or starts off as a babyface, he is sure to make a huge impact.

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