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WWE News: Ryback thinks Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy should be split if they join the WWE

The Big Guy feels that the Hardy Boyz would do better as the top faces of separate WWE brands.

News 12 Mar 2017, 19:45 IST
The Hardy Boyz could be well on their way to WWE once their ROH contracts expire

What’s the story?

Former WWE superstar Ryback spoke about the Hardys on a recent episode of his online podcast, Conversation with the Big Guy.

Ryback gave his take on the interesting situation developing between the Hardys and Impact Wrestling and said that the duo should be split up and drafted to the two different brands if they join the WWE.

In case you didn’t know...

The Hardy Boyz parted ways with Impact Wrestling last month and became the hottest free agents on the market.

However, Anthem Sports that own Impact Wrestling have now claimed that the “Broken” gimmick is their intellectual property and portraying the gimmick outside of Impact Wrestling is going to treated as a case of infringement of intellectual property.

The heart of the matter

Ryback said that it was the right time for the Hardys to move away from Impact Wrestling. He was of the view that they had gotten too big for the promotion and that WWE is the right platform for them at the moment.

He stated that Anthem could use the money and invest in bringing up younger talent. Ryback claimed that he was happy for the Hardys given that their career had experienced a renaissance over the past year.

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The Big Guy, however, felt that WWE should split the brothers if they join the promotion. He stated that the split would give WWE a top star for each brand. He then pointed out that WWE could use their reunion to sell out any big pay per view at a later time.

What’s next?

The Hardys are embroiled in a battle of sorts with Anthem Sports for the ownership of the “Broken” gimmick. Anthem has gone all out to prevent Matt and Jeff from using the gimmick and has sent out legal notices to cable providers ahead of the Hardys’ match in ROH.   

Sportskeeda's take

While splitting the duo may be a good idea for the short term, Matt and Jeff have always shined brighter as a tag team.

Given the dilapidated condition of the SmackDown Live tag team division, the Hardys could help the blue brand if they join the WWE. As of now, there are no reports of them signing a contract with the WWE, however.

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