"Six-figure deal" - Scott Putski on WWE Hall of Famer's brother getting paid despite not wrestling for five years (Exclusive)

Scott Putski worked for WWE, WCW, and many other top wrestling companies during his career
Scott Putski worked for WWE, WCW, and many other top wrestling companies during his career

Scott Putski recently opened up about WCW's financial blunders and specifically spoke about Lanny Poffo's run with the company.

The real-life younger brother of 'Macho Man' Randy Savage astonishingly spent five years in WCW without wrestling a single TV match. He was never used by the management and still got paid for the entirety of his contract.

Scott Putski recalled seeing Lanny Poffo backstage at a few WCW shows and wondering whether the promotion even employed the former star.

Putski was later informed that Poffo was on a lucrative deal despite not being booked to perform. Here's what the former WCW star revealed on this week's UnSKripted:

"I mean, guys like Lanny Poffo, dude, I didn't even know the guy. He had been there the whole time I was there, and I think I saw him twice, and each time he was in clothes," revealed Putski. "I was like he was just there seeing the boys. No man, he is getting a six-figure deal. He doesn't even wrestle because he was Randy's brother. It was ridiculous." [34:45 - 35:06]

Scott Putski said that WCW splashed unbelievable amounts of money on talent that wasn't even getting any television time. He was one of the many wrestlers that didn't get pushed, and the 56-year-old star had no issues as he was getting compensated handsomely by the promotion's officials.

"They were giving us big cheques, so it didn't matter regardless. We were getting cheques every two weeks," added the ex-WCW star. "No time off; we worked five shows a week. They made a lot! We made a lot. I mean, it was Turner's money; they were just giving it away." [34:25 - 34:43]

"I thought it was like Punk'D" - Scott Putski on receiving his WCW pay cheque in the mail

World Championship Wrestling's business model seemingly suffered drastically due to several talents being on massive contracts. Scott Putski stated that he collected a pay cheque from WCW every two weeks and was genuinely surprised by his salary.

Putski joked that he felt he was on an episode of Ashton Kutcher's MTV show, Punk'D, every time he opened his mailbox. He added:

"After about, I'm going to say about three months of working for them, I got to my mailbox every two weeks, and you'd go out there and get your cheque, and I literally looked around to see if you're getting Punk'D and I thought it was like Punk'D. This ain't legal, dude. This can't be real! I literally looked around for Ashton Kutcher to come." [35:07 - 35:30]

While WCW's mistakes in the financial department cost them dearly, could better creative decisions have saved them from going out of business? Sound off in the comments section below.

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