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WWE News: Seth Rollins inspired by Thanos at Summerslam

Paul Benson
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Seth Rollins - Summerslam attire inspired by comic book villain, Thanos

Summerslam 2018 is in the books with new Champions aplenty crowned. However, what may have gone under the radar is the lengths that one superstar went to in order to earn a Championship.

WWE superstar, Seth Rollins made use of his Shield brethren, Dean Ambrose to nullify the effects of his opponent, Dolph Ziggler's buddy, Drew McIntyre in the opening match of Summerslam on Sunday night.

However, what you might not realize is that Rollin's also had additional assistance in vanquishing his opponent, Ziggler to win the Intercontinental Championship.

Rollins harnessed the power of Marvel comic-book villain, Thanos, wearing an outfit, sported by the supervillain in the most recent Avengers movie, Infinity War, which led him to victory and his second Intercontinental title.

For those that don't know much about Thanos, he is an intergalactic despot who seeks to recover all six of the universe's all powerful "infinity stones" to impose his will on all reality.

Thanos - As he appeared in Avengers: Infinity War

Rollins made use of one such "infinity stone" as it appeared in place of his boot on his Summerslam costume. Rollins used the infinity stone to perform his finishing manoeuvre to secure the win.

Rollins's Summerslam attire isn't the only time he has used cultural references in his wrestling outfits. Earlier this year, he wore a Games of Throne inspired costume at Wrestlemania 34.

Rollins marched to the ring in an outfit inspired by "The Night King" character from the hit television series. 

Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania 34

The costume change worked for Rollins on that night too, as he bested The Miz and Finn Balor to win his first Intercontinental Championship.

If Rollins were to challenge for the Universal Title later this year, can we expect to see him dress up as Deadpool? The Terminator perhaps? Conan?

Whoever's attire he adorns, history demonstrates he will be successful.

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